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Fall 1231

Fall 1231

Pan Caldrix – the dragon. On a bed or pure white sand. Glow of lava surrounding him, Fire Spirits surrounding him (even w/out Second Sight) mostly in the shape of serpents, toads, fishes. Thrice Blessed. Ask for their account of how curse was lifted. Ursina provides summary.
Eggs should hatch in about 10 years on same peninsula as Covenant. We’ll need to protect them, will transform them into human shapes and train them hermetically (in Iceland or Ireland). Aura of Magic 4. Tracking down the one responsible for the curse will net them 120 pawns of Vis as a reward.
He is the dragon that blew up the ship. Would like to ask the dragon for a token to prove to Order of Hermes that Order of Odin didn’t do it. He had previous dealings with someone from Hermes (former apprentice)- talk to him instead rather than giving a token. But hasn’t been seen in a few years.
Will arrange for a few Vis sources.

Audience w/ the Dragon = 2 Confident pts.
Resolve Fall 1231. Trolls won’t be a problem. Set up the lab (2 xp magic theory)
Resolve Winter 1231. (Teach Brigdhe Magic Theory)

Iceland – Create a stone wall, no roof, around the Dragon Eggs to protect them. Tell everyone we’re sealing it off to keep people from being negatively affected by the evil magic that took it over.

Hurri spends xp (18) sparring so Great Weapons. Work season spent with Wolves (2 xp in German – time spent with Gerhard).

Lab Text: Into Covenant Library (Winter 1231) – level 35 Creo Ignem Ball of Abysmal Flame (purchased) p. 140 of core rulebook.

Grogs (end of 1231):
Not mercenary, with wpn skill of < 8 (not poor learner), then training season = 8 in single wpn
2 free seasons (4 xp each; 8 total)
1 work season (2 xp)
Total of 18xp
Apt student = learning 5 (Petran)
Poor Student = (Dimmae) – 3
Grogs in Iceland:
4 adventure xp/each
John D = +3 xp
3 Free seasons = 5 xp each or 4 if learning new Ability or 8 if learning Language (John D)
Mercenaries (2 year period):
1 Year: Johann the mercenary is the trainer – will get 8 in teaching & 8 in practicing single wpn & 4 in something else.
Others: 12 xp in single wpn if less than 8, if 8
then 5xp/season. Spend 2 work season 4xp in other work-related skills.
Kuntz is Poor Student, only gets 9xp not 12.

Aging rolls (Sheet updated): Just need to update years and ages & skills
Domnhall: 1 aging pt in any characteristic (Com)
Finn: 1 aging pt in any characteristic (Sta)
Fred: No roll
Lassar: 2 rolls. Apparent age +1. 1 aging pt in any characteristic (Pre)
Mael: Apparent age +1

Warping handled.

Vis Stores: (Wiki updated 9/3/17)
Aquam – +4 in stores
Auram + 4 in stores
Animal + 8 in stores
Vim – + 0
Rego – +3 in stores
Corpus: +4 in stores
Terram +8 in stores

Combined Quality + Level: 19 (qual 8 lvl 11), 24 (lvl 15 qual 9), 20 (), 23 (qual 4 level 19)
Buy the Qual 9 Level 15 Summae on Aquam for 12 pawns of Vis
Book: Summae Mentem L 13 Q 8

Summer 1231

Summer 1231

Iain successfully negotiates purchase of the farmstead near entrance of the tunnel. Now Vindolanda has legal standing. Nothing of real interest happens at the Allthing (lasts 3 days). Mundane government activity. Snailfist peninsula.

Prominent members of the group for Magic Gathering at Hrpuur:

  • Fish stealers (shapechangers) are here. Not happy to see us.
    From the Trollsen, size +3, handsome, hair going grey. Here’s here to represent Giants, greater spirits (there are 4 of them), and Trolls.
    Signi Grittis..council member. Size +2. Raised by giant mother, outlaw father. Looks more troll than human.
    Arnor Angeerson – Hrppur council member. Leader of remaining Victeer left on island. Pagan practice difficult.
    Leif Beergut – Deelar family. Century old feud with Odd Karnors.
    Goldrumen headed by Bjorn. Oldest one in Iceland. Enjoys his position, skilled politician. Nearing final twilight and can’t resist forever.
    Father Caldor Ormsson – Rep of Huldor School and Hrppur council. Division in Goldrumen btwn traditional ones and those who put it all in Xtian context like this guy.
    Father Vebrand – rep of School that train Xtian context.
    Cthcona – Albus Beendottir. Normally leader of ? Woman.

Message from the Dragon (Pax) – Priest (Order) of Hermes to present themselves. Delivered not just to Wm. Meet dragon for Autumnal Equinox.
Bjorn will offer Magi access to Vis sources for placating the dragon. Learn that dragon has control of volcanoes all over the land, including one by covenant.
Vote against taking vis sources considered abandoned after 3 years (matches Giant votes).
Bring up the fish stealing – Wm makes convincing argument. They are chastised for it.
Father Vebrand – from group losing their Vis sounds. Starts up a relationship. We tell him about farmstead.
No one (via Helga) recognizes “Order of Odin.” Met with confusion.

Spring 1231

Spring 1231

Non-Mercenaries: 8xp
Hurri: Teaches Great Sword

Official announcement: Made it to Iceland, Wm joined a new covenant (name not given), still looking for Order of Odin.

Iain tries to arrange the purchase of a farmstead. But need to resolve the charges. Explains legal process which amounts to trying to convince people here (more democratic than Europe). The “Allthing” is where disputes larger than region get resolved.

Wm invited to become one of the Thingmen. A representative of Blund will offer to set up a meeting to settle the case. Blund says curse on his household, says if we investigate, he’ll drop it. Helga not a fan of his. His farm is 13 miles east of Norssomethingorother. Curse appears to cause fertile women to miscarry, including his wife, Una. Cat is magical and is fighting off a disease spirit. Two miles south of the farm, find pits arranged in a circular pattern (magical aura). Near the surface of each of 6 pits (5 living eggs), in the center is a size +0 large egg. Additionally is a pole mounted with a horse’s head. Blund knew of the mud pits, but not the eggs or horse heads. Helga translates the writing on the pole: “Slayer of children, you shall know loss.” Nidstong – a curse thing (Helga could do these.) He killed one of the Goldrumen. Dragon is guardian of the island. Someone is trying to screw up the dragon eggs, Blund is collateral damage. Helga could undo the curse (only be spending Vis – Und). All this Vis is destroyed:

1 Ignem (from Wm)
1 Terram (from Ursina)
5 Corpus (from Trolls)
1 Butterfly Wing (from Helga)

Curse is successfully lifted by Helga. No Vis harvested from the egg that didn’t make it.

For Spring 1231:
Confidence 3
XP: 6

Winter 1230

Winter 1230

Fall 2030 ends after finding Vindolanda
Victor was around in 889AD.
Aegis of the Hearth (L20) – Rego (10) + Vim (7) + Int (1) + Magic Theory (4) + Aura (6) = 28 (William manages to gather the 4 Rego to cast it.)

Helga stops by to say there’s a meeting of “Magic folk” on the island in Summer 1231.

Iain is trying to purchase a piece of land for Covenfolk. In the winter, when nights are long, trolls have been an issue stealing sheep. Trolls vary in size (large to very large), aggressive but try to avoid conflict with things that can hurt them. Have magic, not good at using it though. Shapeshift into things not ugly. Dwell underground, don’t like the light. Rep for being stupid, being tricked.

William used Confidence (1 during troll fight)
Troll corpse = 5 pawns of Corpus Vis

Wm +2
Domnhall (Str 1, Athletics 3, Enc -2), Finn (Str 2, Athletics 3, Enc 1), John D (Str 1, Ath 3, Enc 1): +4 Ini
Mael (Str 2 Ath 1 Enc 0), Frederick (Str 2 Ath 2 Enc 1): +5 Ini
Ursina, Bradach:

Finn (Hunt-Tracking 3 + Per (1)

John +6 (); Finn (Vanguard) +6 (9) (1 Fatigue)
Dom +4 (0) 2 Long-term Fatigue
Wm +2 (5) – 2 Fatigue levels
Fred & Mael (2 Fatigue levels) (12)

Local political meeting – Charges of Witchcraft: Blund Thordelson. Thaldrumen have blacklisted him because he killed one of their members. Some kind of curse on his house and she can’t help him (not inclined to). Once per year, governor and his men come around and resolve disputes. Charge of witchcraft, she doesn’t think it will come to much, but she should show up and defend herself. As long as the magic doesn’t harm him directly, should be fine.

Wm will goes to speak to speak to Helga about the charges (Icelandic law).

Winter Ends:
Wm learns Aegis of the Hearth
Ursina studies Intellego
Grogs: Aging and (21xp for all but John, 29): Dom 1 aging characteristic/ Finn apparent age +1, Mael rolled 10, William rolled 8 on die (apparent age +1)

Mael’s skill pts on Leadership (51 to 72)
Dom: Charm to 85
Finn: leadership to 89
John D: athletics to 49
Fred: athletics to 36
Brad: awareness to 40

Fall 1230

Fall 1230

Off to Iceland: Mael, Domhnall, Finn, John D, Bradach, Frederick, Ursina, Wm

6/11/2017 – Fall 1230

Ship contracted – Capt Antonio, Navigator and first mate. Crew of 12, stats as follows:
Int 0
Per -1
Pre -1
Com +1
Str +1
Sta +2
Dex +1
Qui 0
Profession: Sailor 6, Athletics 2, Swim 1, Brawl 2 (knives)

Trip to Iceland should take about 21 days – city of Hofn.
John D – very seasick
Few weeks in, lots of loud voices in Spanish coming from top deck with a sense of urgency. Trying to change the direction of the ship Wm asks the navigator about the apparent rough seas ahead. Not long after, a giant tentacle wraps around the ship and tilts it, causing everyone to make an athletics test. Finn and Frederick stay on their feet, the other grogs don’t fall overboard.

Vis from severed tentacle: 4 Rego (All traded to Ursina so Wm can use Aegis of the Hearth 8/6/17)

Arrive at Hofn, small town. Woman comes screaming at them, for quite some time, while Ursina puts out the language device and gestures for her to put her hand on it. Domhnall gestures to the dockmaster, who agrees to put his hand on the device. He says we’ve been keeping her up at night for years. Helga Grimsdottr finally agrees to grasp the device. Why they hell are we so important that we’ve been keeping her up at night for years. Just kill her and get it over with. More important to her than other things with these stupid premonitions. The device is imperfect, but she indicates there’s lots of magic on this island. Groups of people with some association with magic, but she has no details. Order of Odin – doesn’t ring andy bells. Trollsmir, Goldrumen (magic maybe tied to songs) – but not sure she can be much of a guide. The captain has had dealings with monks here.

Scout out area for base camp to attack Order of Odin. Set out toward monastery, eat what we brought. Lots of sheep roaming wild, with no one tending them. Arrive at monastery the next day, monks have their own sheep. Men, women, and families here. Abbot Sigmundur (speaks Latin) brings the educated into the library; he asks if we know Victor. Wm and Ursina haven’t heard of him. He’s a member of Order of Hermes who has talked to the abbot in his dreams. Concerned about a spider. He insists there is no Order of Odin. There’s a group that meets once per year, but he seriously doubts there’s one that leaves Iceland and destroys spring covenant they sound like hedge wizards. They are usually scattered around the island. Trollsmir are giants. Goldrumen are singers and live in the hills. Kirk Jubaer. Victor was #2 in House Ex Miscellanea (his master was founder). Contacts us in dreams, wants us to destroy the spider. Was going to get this demon to renounce Satan, and has been unable to return to his body, likely in his sanctum. Diablolus, the spider, is trapped in his sanctum for “quite some time.” Originally from England somewhere 438 years ago in 1220.

07/02/017 – Fall 1230

Take a ship to the coast where Dhuncan is. He greets Helga by name when the party arrives. He is one of Victor’s men and has also been wondering where they’ve been. He is size +1. Light brown hair and blue eyes. Understandably desperate to rescue his daughter; men came, kidnaped his daughter and opened the sanctum and took up residence there the last few days. Chain mail and sword in good condition. Hidden entrance into side of volcano. First chamber is 12 human bodies and gargoyles destroyed. He leads us into a chamber – large room, 40’ on a side – hermetic library. Two interlocking circles of ice, two figures, eyes interlocked with light. The daughter is tied to a chair.

Wm, Domnhall, Finn, John D: +2 Ini
Mael, Frederick: +5 Ini
Ursina, Bradach:

Volcano has a Magical Aura 6.

Demon takes over the body of the little girl, who shape changes and tears out the throat of her father. Silver stream comes out of Victor and possesses William. The demon runs out a secret door at what seems like an impossible speed. Victor looks to pursue in William’s body, but doesn’t. Ursina, William and Helga fall asleep. Sitting in a circle around a table, fully armed and armored men standing around. He begins by introducing himself. He’ll engage the demon and that will release the girl. There’s another diabolist behind the one who was here.

Raven’s eyes: 2 Intellego Vis (infernally tainted)
Cloak with +15 soak
Spell Scroll: Carve the Mystical Tunnels – Lvl 25.
Adventure Experience: For Fall 1230 | Grogs = 8xp (any into Organization Lore: Order of Hermes Lore or Icelandic get +2). William will do the same – spend 3 and get 2 more in these two skills for a rank
Will need to stay behind for Winter 1230 since no ships will sail. Can study in Victor’s library.

Walking Dead: range in size from +1 to -2
They stumble toward the group, men, women, and children alike. William casts Pit of the Gaping Earth, dropping 3 groups of dead into pits. Ursina coats the sides of one with oil, preparing to light it. The grogs take up a position on front of the magi, defending them while they cast spells. The other dead move forward and attack unsuccessfully. They defend themselves against the rest. A group of 30 riders approaches; their leader Thord Somethingorother, says they can be laid to rest by being given a Christian burial, laying their heads at their feet, or completely destroying their bodies. He says the demon took a ship. Capt Antonio of the Andanza is still there. Ursina 7 League Strides to the boat the demon took.

Helga’s story is there is no Order of Odin- the Flambeau guy disturbed some natural defenses. Brigde, who is age 5, can activate and create gateways. Nord, the Ex Miscellanea who lost his magic, is her grandfather. William will stay behind at the Veldaroon covenant.

Summer 1230

Summer 1230

After sending Hurri and the wounded grogs home Ursina, Conner Ui Clergh, and the remaining grogs proceeded to Tara. They arrived late in the evening and shortly discovered the place had a moderate strength faerie aura aligned with a respectful personality trait. After climbing the hill and trying a ceremony to crown Conner with no apparent effect they made camp at the base of the hill. During the night when Roderick was on watch he noticed his prayer book missing, and decided to wake Ursina. After noticing Finn’s sword also missing the decision was made to pack up the camp an flee the area in a hurry. A changeling took the place of Conner talked about how Queen Zwerga rejected him. After his nature was revealed he implored the party to send their champion up the hill alone before fleeing off into the woods. After resting quite a while they returned to the hill and Ursina went up alone. After a couple days she emerged saying the matter was resolved, but unwilling to give further details.

Back at the covenant Lavinia of house Guernicus and Pertinax of house Tremere arrived at the covenant in a conspicuously magical ship along with the covenants scribes and the team sent to retrieve them. The special tribunal voted to go to war with the order of odin and Nova Coeli is to serve as a forward staging area. Bernard (Lavinia’s assistant) negotiated the use of a large area of ruins for their use. After a couple weeks Levinia invited Siwan into her office aboard the ship. Levinia with little subtlety pointed out a number of things that qauestores might investigate, and “suggested” that the covenant scout out Iceland for the purpose of finding a beachhead for which to strike at the order of odin. Siwan tried to convince her that the fish thieves were likely connected to the order of odin and that her time would be better spent there. but levinia remained unswayed and warned that she didn’t want to be seen as dragging her feet in this.

Siwan and a group of mercenaries set off in search of the fish thieves. They started with the island where the basket was found, but despite spending days searching especially underwater no clues were found. They returned to the covenant to find Marco of House Mercer (This is the name of the former apprentice redcap that came to the covenant years ago.) Marco came with a letter informing the covenant that the war is on and to prepare the covenant to host the war party, but also news of the Bishop and his letter campaign to convince the vatican that the covenant is a threat. Apparently the bishop isn’t well thought of to start with, but if the order is not likely to allow any conflict with the dominion to occur and would likely remove the problem (Nova Coeli) before it becomes an issue. Sibeal’s wrote a letter to be delivered to her biological father and Marco was paid for the information and his time.

Spring 1230
Status of Continuing Storylines

The covenant has just survived a siege with few injuries, and in the short term the covenant seems safe. But the siege was not without costs: 22 total pawns of vis were taken; The covenant’s fleet of fishing boats was pretty much destroyed; and it will be 5 years until the stable of horses is providing income again. Many badly injured crusaders were captured and can’t safely be moved for several months. There is still a war going on making travel by un-allied armed groups more difficult and raising the price of just about everything., but the big ball of gold should still last the covenant a few years. Also there are still the people out there who took the fish including a shapeshifter a big strong guy who destroyed the fishing fleet and at least one other figure seen in a boat.

There is/was an emergency tribunal in spring of 1230 for the sole purpose of deciding how to answer the Order of Odin threat. The covenant’s scribes are supposed to finish this season with copying some books in Durenmar.

The local winter queen in her unbounded generosity has given you until this year’s Winter hunt to find her a supremely qualified mortal hunter to lead the season’s hunt.

There’s a sandy wasteland on the other side of the fountain’s reflection which according to an inscription on the other side is in some way connected with the kingdom Prester John. Possibly some Tremere Magus is involved as the doll erected by the people of the sands wore a Tremere house symbol.

King Ui Cleirign, Tara in Meath, and the goblin contract is possibly less an issue after dealing with a goblin assault force, but still perhaps a concern.

Spring 1224

Cierella, Lady of the Winter Gorge, invited her neighbors to her Faerie Fair. During the event, Cierella was kidnapped by The Lord of Dark Summer. Representatives of the covenant entered the Lord’s realm and rescued Cierella.

After her rescue, Cierella pointed out a side cave where the Covenant could defeat a Medusa/Gorgon. Upon the Medusa’s defeat, many of her victims were restored to life – several of which returned with members of the covenant.

New Companion – A Tall Warrior Woman, Hurri Mitanni
New Covenfolk : Packman/General Laborer (M), Trapper (M), Brewer (F), Fence/Merchant (F), Carpenter (F)
New Grogs: Plowman/Muscle (M), Waterman/Spearman (M), Mapmaker (M), Bard (F)

Through Trade with a Dryad, Eolas acquired a wand that dispels mind controlling effects, and a bonus – a one year old son.

Summer 1221

Alastar brought a group to the caves in which the dragon Caleba was defeated by his friends over twenty years ago. The dragon was still dead, but an ally of the dragon had left a trap for Alastar and his former allies. Alastar triggered a rune specially attuned to him, and was then killed in a horrible manner.

An earthquake rocked the cave system leaving only two exits out of the chamber the party was in: a deep well and a sloping passage up. A disembodied voice told the group to leave this place.

The party investigated the well first. Along the sides of the well were several cave openings (with ledges). The first thing the party discovered was at the bottom of well: a magically lit dragon stature, and a river flowing through the area. The second thing was investigating one of the cave openings. One of the grogs was killed by a horrifying creature seeming made of semi transculent goo and acid, with strange appendages and eyes. As the death was so swift, and other creatures might be in the area, the party withdrew from the well.

Taking the ramp up, the first thing the party found was a metal supported door. They decided to investigate this side passage. When Faolin (a grog)passed a nearly invisible rune in the wall, it fired out a lightning bolt, killing him instantly. After some investigation, the rune seemed to still be magical, but didn’t go off for awhile. After a couple minutes of discussion the group decided to proceed down the corridor by hugging the wall on the opposite side of the rune. Unfortunately, when the magus Hans was passing the rune (which actually covered the width of the passage), it had recharged and went off, shooting two! lightning bolts at Hans. The bolts easily penetrating Hans’ parma magica, and killed him instantly. The group decided that this corridor just wasn’t worth exploring after that.

The group quickly made their way up the slope, passing the living areas of small humanoid like weasels (?). The group passed through so quickly, that it frightened these creatures into protective mode and no fights happened (they were very frightened of a charging Ursina in her bear form).

A small crimson dragon (no wings) blocked the final door out. Alain (grog) wanted out badly, and charged the creature. The rest of the group joined in. The small dragon has no chance. The group had reached freedom.

Confidence: Any magi or companions in the first adventure in 1220, should have received 1 confidence point. Again, any magi or companions in the second adventure receive a point. Ursina gains an extra point for taking charge of the group’s exit out of the caves.
Vis: 3 Animal, 3 Ignem from dragon’s body

[OOC Notes on Adventure creature: This adventure was created as a standard low powered adventure with optional offshoots that were more dangerous (but contained more rewards). Proceeding straight up the slope without opening doors or going down wells would result in fairly normal fights and rewards for a lower powered adventure (my guess is the lil’ weasels/kobalds would have been fairly simple since I was convinced the dragon was going to kick a little bit of ass). Unfortunately, the offshoot portions really were successful in bringing horror and fear to the party, so much so, that the standard portions couldn’t be enjoyed properly. Because of this, one of the failures of this adventure to show how many available resources were available in this type of setting (10-20 additional pawns of vis, mainly corpus, were available in the basic fights; of course, we might have seen some corpus vis used if one of the lil’ guys had landed a good blow). I do like that my first adventure was more roleplaying, while the second was more combat and investigation based. I’ll probably keep that same pattern going. I do want to keep in the horror elements, but hopefully, they’ll be greater rewards when something bad happens (the good events/bad events balance wasn’t good).]

Summer 1220

The covenant sent a group to find the whereabouts of Sir Gilbert’s daughter Caitlin, and to discover what happened to the Merinita mage Mormulus who lived nearby. Caitlin was in the custody of a group of satyrs. Mormulus ended up being dead. The main solution was to free the dryad that was protecting the entrance to Mormulus home from a promise made to him. Once freed the PCs were able to procure an Imaginem book from his home, and the dryad was free to spend time with the satyrs again which meant they had no need to keep Caitlin around.
Covenant Gains: Caitlin as covenfolk (an educated, young noble woman who is currently pregnant), Sir Gilbert as a friend to the covenant, and an Imaginem book (see Library).
XP: 6 points (a fairly easy adventure that could have got dangerous, the last point is for resolving the adventure in a manner quite beneficial to the covenant).
[Warning: Next adventure is not “fairly easy”]
[Feel free to edit or add comments]


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