Ars Magica

Spring 1224

Cierella, Lady of the Winter Gorge, invited her neighbors to her Faerie Fair. During the event, Cierella was kidnapped by The Lord of Dark Summer. Representatives of the covenant entered the Lord’s realm and rescued Cierella.

After her rescue, Cierella pointed out a side cave where the Covenant could defeat a Medusa/Gorgon. Upon the Medusa’s defeat, many of her victims were restored to life – several of which returned with members of the covenant.

New Companion – A Tall Warrior Woman, Hurri Mitanni
New Covenfolk : Packman/General Laborer (M), Trapper (M), Brewer (F), Fence/Merchant (F), Carpenter (F)
New Grogs: Plowman/Muscle (M), Waterman/Spearman (M), Mapmaker (M), Bard (F)

Through Trade with a Dryad, Eolas acquired a wand that dispels mind controlling effects, and a bonus – a one year old son.



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