Ars Magica

Spring 1230

Status of Continuing Storylines

The covenant has just survived a siege with few injuries, and in the short term the covenant seems safe. But the siege was not without costs: 22 total pawns of vis were taken; The covenant’s fleet of fishing boats was pretty much destroyed; and it will be 5 years until the stable of horses is providing income again. Many badly injured crusaders were captured and can’t safely be moved for several months. There is still a war going on making travel by un-allied armed groups more difficult and raising the price of just about everything., but the big ball of gold should still last the covenant a few years. Also there are still the people out there who took the fish including a shapeshifter a big strong guy who destroyed the fishing fleet and at least one other figure seen in a boat.

There is/was an emergency tribunal in spring of 1230 for the sole purpose of deciding how to answer the Order of Odin threat. The covenant’s scribes are supposed to finish this season with copying some books in Durenmar.

The local winter queen in her unbounded generosity has given you until this year’s Winter hunt to find her a supremely qualified mortal hunter to lead the season’s hunt.

There’s a sandy wasteland on the other side of the fountain’s reflection which according to an inscription on the other side is in some way connected with the kingdom Prester John. Possibly some Tremere Magus is involved as the doll erected by the people of the sands wore a Tremere house symbol.

King Ui Cleirign, Tara in Meath, and the goblin contract is possibly less an issue after dealing with a goblin assault force, but still perhaps a concern.



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