Ars Magica

Summer 1220

The covenant sent a group to find the whereabouts of Sir Gilbert’s daughter Caitlin, and to discover what happened to the Merinita mage Mormulus who lived nearby. Caitlin was in the custody of a group of satyrs. Mormulus ended up being dead. The main solution was to free the dryad that was protecting the entrance to Mormulus home from a promise made to him. Once freed the PCs were able to procure an Imaginem book from his home, and the dryad was free to spend time with the satyrs again which meant they had no need to keep Caitlin around.
Covenant Gains: Caitlin as covenfolk (an educated, young noble woman who is currently pregnant), Sir Gilbert as a friend to the covenant, and an Imaginem book (see Library).
XP: 6 points (a fairly easy adventure that could have got dangerous, the last point is for resolving the adventure in a manner quite beneficial to the covenant).
[Warning: Next adventure is not “fairly easy”]
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