Ars Magica

Summer 1230

Summer 1230

After sending Hurri and the wounded grogs home Ursina, Conner Ui Clergh, and the remaining grogs proceeded to Tara. They arrived late in the evening and shortly discovered the place had a moderate strength faerie aura aligned with a respectful personality trait. After climbing the hill and trying a ceremony to crown Conner with no apparent effect they made camp at the base of the hill. During the night when Roderick was on watch he noticed his prayer book missing, and decided to wake Ursina. After noticing Finn’s sword also missing the decision was made to pack up the camp an flee the area in a hurry. A changeling took the place of Conner talked about how Queen Zwerga rejected him. After his nature was revealed he implored the party to send their champion up the hill alone before fleeing off into the woods. After resting quite a while they returned to the hill and Ursina went up alone. After a couple days she emerged saying the matter was resolved, but unwilling to give further details.

Back at the covenant Lavinia of house Guernicus and Pertinax of house Tremere arrived at the covenant in a conspicuously magical ship along with the covenants scribes and the team sent to retrieve them. The special tribunal voted to go to war with the order of odin and Nova Coeli is to serve as a forward staging area. Bernard (Lavinia’s assistant) negotiated the use of a large area of ruins for their use. After a couple weeks Levinia invited Siwan into her office aboard the ship. Levinia with little subtlety pointed out a number of things that qauestores might investigate, and “suggested” that the covenant scout out Iceland for the purpose of finding a beachhead for which to strike at the order of odin. Siwan tried to convince her that the fish thieves were likely connected to the order of odin and that her time would be better spent there. but levinia remained unswayed and warned that she didn’t want to be seen as dragging her feet in this.

Siwan and a group of mercenaries set off in search of the fish thieves. They started with the island where the basket was found, but despite spending days searching especially underwater no clues were found. They returned to the covenant to find Marco of House Mercer (This is the name of the former apprentice redcap that came to the covenant years ago.) Marco came with a letter informing the covenant that the war is on and to prepare the covenant to host the war party, but also news of the Bishop and his letter campaign to convince the vatican that the covenant is a threat. Apparently the bishop isn’t well thought of to start with, but if the order is not likely to allow any conflict with the dominion to occur and would likely remove the problem (Nova Coeli) before it becomes an issue. Sibeal’s wrote a letter to be delivered to her biological father and Marco was paid for the information and his time.



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