The Hero's Portion


The champion’s portion is the best cut of meat from the bull: a section of the hindquarters and the tail. It is worth 5 pawns of Animal vis. It also has a magical property that the wearer will be able to invoke if the tail is draped around the waist or shoulders and prominently displayed. Three times a day the wearer can cast an enhanced version of Aura of Rightful Authority(ArM5, page 151), which has a Range of Voice and a Target of Group, augmented to include 100 individuals. The champion’s portion loses this power if its vis is drained off.

Aura of Leadership (ReMe 45) 3x per day
R:Voice, D:Sun, T:Group
When this power is uses those within earshot are strongly inclined to obey you, as if you were his natural superior.
(Base 5, +2 Voice, +2 Sun, +2 Group, +2 Size)


The Hero's Portion

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