Ars Magica

Spring 1230
Status of Continuing Storylines

The covenant has just survived a siege with few injuries, and in the short term the covenant seems safe. But the siege was not without costs: 22 total pawns of vis were taken; The covenant’s fleet of fishing boats was pretty much destroyed; and it will be 5 years until the stable of horses is providing income again. Many badly injured crusaders were captured and can’t safely be moved for several months. There is still a war going on making travel by un-allied armed groups more difficult and raising the price of just about everything., but the big ball of gold should still last the covenant a few years. Also there are still the people out there who took the fish including a shapeshifter a big strong guy who destroyed the fishing fleet and at least one other figure seen in a boat.

There is/was an emergency tribunal in spring of 1230 for the sole purpose of deciding how to answer the Order of Odin threat. The covenant’s scribes are supposed to finish this season with copying some books in Durenmar.

The local winter queen in her unbounded generosity has given you until this year’s Winter hunt to find her a supremely qualified mortal hunter to lead the season’s hunt.

There’s a sandy wasteland on the other side of the fountain’s reflection which according to an inscription on the other side is in some way connected with the kingdom Prester John. Possibly some Tremere Magus is involved as the doll erected by the people of the sands wore a Tremere house symbol.

King Ui Cleirign, Tara in Meath, and the goblin contract is possibly less an issue after dealing with a goblin assault force, but still perhaps a concern.

Spring 1224

Cierella, Lady of the Winter Gorge, invited her neighbors to her Faerie Fair. During the event, Cierella was kidnapped by The Lord of Dark Summer. Representatives of the covenant entered the Lord’s realm and rescued Cierella.

After her rescue, Cierella pointed out a side cave where the Covenant could defeat a Medusa/Gorgon. Upon the Medusa’s defeat, many of her victims were restored to life – several of which returned with members of the covenant.

New Companion – A Tall Warrior Woman, Hurri Mitanni
New Covenfolk : Packman/General Laborer (M), Trapper (M), Brewer (F), Fence/Merchant (F), Carpenter (F)
New Grogs: Plowman/Muscle (M), Waterman/Spearman (M), Mapmaker (M), Bard (F)

Through Trade with a Dryad, Eolas acquired a wand that dispels mind controlling effects, and a bonus – a one year old son.

Summer 1221

Alastar brought a group to the caves in which the dragon Caleba was defeated by his friends over twenty years ago. The dragon was still dead, but an ally of the dragon had left a trap for Alastar and his former allies. Alastar triggered a rune specially attuned to him, and was then killed in a horrible manner.

An earthquake rocked the cave system leaving only two exits out of the chamber the party was in: a deep well and a sloping passage up. A disembodied voice told the group to leave this place.

The party investigated the well first. Along the sides of the well were several cave openings (with ledges). The first thing the party discovered was at the bottom of well: a magically lit dragon stature, and a river flowing through the area. The second thing was investigating one of the cave openings. One of the grogs was killed by a horrifying creature seeming made of semi transculent goo and acid, with strange appendages and eyes. As the death was so swift, and other creatures might be in the area, the party withdrew from the well.

Taking the ramp up, the first thing the party found was a metal supported door. They decided to investigate this side passage. When Faolin (a grog)passed a nearly invisible rune in the wall, it fired out a lightning bolt, killing him instantly. After some investigation, the rune seemed to still be magical, but didn’t go off for awhile. After a couple minutes of discussion the group decided to proceed down the corridor by hugging the wall on the opposite side of the rune. Unfortunately, when the magus Hans was passing the rune (which actually covered the width of the passage), it had recharged and went off, shooting two! lightning bolts at Hans. The bolts easily penetrating Hans’ parma magica, and killed him instantly. The group decided that this corridor just wasn’t worth exploring after that.

The group quickly made their way up the slope, passing the living areas of small humanoid like weasels (?). The group passed through so quickly, that it frightened these creatures into protective mode and no fights happened (they were very frightened of a charging Ursina in her bear form).

A small crimson dragon (no wings) blocked the final door out. Alain (grog) wanted out badly, and charged the creature. The rest of the group joined in. The small dragon has no chance. The group had reached freedom.

Confidence: Any magi or companions in the first adventure in 1220, should have received 1 confidence point. Again, any magi or companions in the second adventure receive a point. Ursina gains an extra point for taking charge of the group’s exit out of the caves.
Vis: 3 Animal, 3 Ignem from dragon’s body

[OOC Notes on Adventure creature: This adventure was created as a standard low powered adventure with optional offshoots that were more dangerous (but contained more rewards). Proceeding straight up the slope without opening doors or going down wells would result in fairly normal fights and rewards for a lower powered adventure (my guess is the lil’ weasels/kobalds would have been fairly simple since I was convinced the dragon was going to kick a little bit of ass). Unfortunately, the offshoot portions really were successful in bringing horror and fear to the party, so much so, that the standard portions couldn’t be enjoyed properly. Because of this, one of the failures of this adventure to show how many available resources were available in this type of setting (10-20 additional pawns of vis, mainly corpus, were available in the basic fights; of course, we might have seen some corpus vis used if one of the lil’ guys had landed a good blow). I do like that my first adventure was more roleplaying, while the second was more combat and investigation based. I’ll probably keep that same pattern going. I do want to keep in the horror elements, but hopefully, they’ll be greater rewards when something bad happens (the good events/bad events balance wasn’t good).]

Summer 1220

The covenant sent a group to find the whereabouts of Sir Gilbert’s daughter Caitlin, and to discover what happened to the Merinita mage Mormulus who lived nearby. Caitlin was in the custody of a group of satyrs. Mormulus ended up being dead. The main solution was to free the dryad that was protecting the entrance to Mormulus home from a promise made to him. Once freed the PCs were able to procure an Imaginem book from his home, and the dryad was free to spend time with the satyrs again which meant they had no need to keep Caitlin around.
Covenant Gains: Caitlin as covenfolk (an educated, young noble woman who is currently pregnant), Sir Gilbert as a friend to the covenant, and an Imaginem book (see Library).
XP: 6 points (a fairly easy adventure that could have got dangerous, the last point is for resolving the adventure in a manner quite beneficial to the covenant).
[Warning: Next adventure is not “fairly easy”]
[Feel free to edit or add comments]


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