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  • Roderic O'Conor

    His father wanted him to become an abbot, but after his father's lands were taken by the English Roderic deserted the abbot that was training him and became a horseboy for a prince. After the prince fell in battle Roderic blamed his lack of faith and …

  • Finn Lochlainn

    He was caught on a cattle raid, but was let off with just a brand and a missing nose. Generally gruff and abrasive, he's actually pretty fun when he's drunk. Mechanical Concept: Veteran Fighter/Skirmisher

  • Jarlath

    Jarlath was bodyguarding for a Jewish merchant (who mistook him for a Jew initially because of his huge nose). Jarlath's charge went out into Dublin without him one day, and never returned. Alaster (the old mage) was passing through Dublin a few days …

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