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  • Roderic O'Conor

    His father wanted him to become an abbot, but after his father's lands were taken by the English Roderic deserted the abbot that was training him and became a horseboy for a prince. After the prince fell in battle Roderic blamed his lack of faith and …

  • Finn Lochlainn

    He was caught on a cattle raid, but was let off with just a brand and a missing nose. Generally gruff and abrasive, he's actually pretty fun when he's drunk. Mechanical Concept: Veteran Fighter/Skirmisher

  • Mael O'Donnell

    General Concept was an older grog with a breadth of skills Stats before Aging: Int -1, Per -2, Str +2, Sta +2, Pre -1 Com -2, Dex +4, Qui +2 Winter 1228: Promoted to Sergeant

  • Domhnall

    A Scottish ex-mercenary who decided to stay in Ireland but was more or less run out of town after getting too cozy with a local kings wife.

  • Brian

    He got mad and hurt a guy pretty bad, and worse killed his horse (thus resulting in his brand).

  • William Masree of House Ex Miscellanea

    William Masreeā€™s size, even as an infant, drew unnecessary attention. The Masraige were a Fir Bolg tribe inhabiting Magh Slecht in County Cavan, Ireland. The men and women of the clan were always thought larger than most of the nearby clans and claimed to …

  • Trian

    Trian's family is seemingly cursed, both animals and (to a lesser extent) humans to do like them. This has made it hard for them to work on farms. Trian joined the gang to improve his family's fortunes.

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