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  • Roderic O'Conor

    His father wanted him to become an abbot, but after his father's lands were taken by the English Roderic deserted the abbot that was training him and became a horseboy for a prince. After the prince fell in battle Roderic blamed his lack of faith and …

  • Finn Lochlainn

    He was caught on a cattle raid, but was let off with just a brand and a missing nose. Generally gruff and abrasive, he's actually pretty fun when he's drunk. Mechanical Concept: Veteran Fighter/Skirmisher

  • Mael O'Donnell

    General Concept was an older grog with a breadth of skills Stats before Aging: Int -1, Per -2, Str +2, Sta +2, Pre -1 Com -2, Dex +4, Qui +2 Winter 1228: Promoted to Sergeant

  • Frederick

    Frederick grew tired of being mocked for his poor speech by the other soldiers and after nearly killing the last man who did, he left and found a haven with the covenant. The magi are not interested in hearing him speak, but in how well he can fight. That …

  • Domhnall

    A Scottish ex-mercenary who decided to stay in Ireland but was more or less run out of town after getting too cozy with a local kings wife.

  • Brian

    He got mad and hurt a guy pretty bad, and worse killed his horse (thus resulting in his brand).

  • Jarlath

    Jarlath was bodyguarding for a Jewish merchant (who mistook him for a Jew initially because of his huge nose). Jarlath's charge went out into Dublin without him one day, and never returned. Alaster (the old mage) was passing through Dublin a few days …

  • Lassar

    Lassar was Baoth's first recruit into his pickpocketing gang. Because of her lack of depth perception she mainly acts a lookout and distraction. She is a bitter woman because of her looks she has never drawn the attention of a man interested in marrying …

  • Petran

    Petran joined the pickpocketing gang a few years ago when he found out that the leathercrafting master he was apprenticed to was never going to let him go out on his own. Part of the reason he is in the gang is so that he could gather enough money to …

  • Dímmae

    Basically, lazy and worthless, and is only accepted by his family due to his handicap (from birth). Is part of the pickpocketing gang, because despite everything, he is a GREAT watchman.

  • Trian

    Trian's family is seemingly cursed, both animals and (to a lesser extent) humans to do like them. This has made it hard for them to work on farms. Trian joined the gang to improve his family's fortunes.

  • Brádach

    Lived on a farm near a relatively large village. Had quite a reputation for carousing and pursuing women. After a night of particularly heavy drinking, he got lost in the woods and ended up the victim of a medusa's gaze.

  • Endris

    Loud and boisterous, Endris loves carousing and chasing women almost as much as bar fights. His dim intellect and recklessness often lead him into trouble when left to his own devices.

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