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  • Finn Lochlainn

    He was caught on a cattle raid, but was let off with just a brand and a missing nose. Generally gruff and abrasive, he's actually pretty fun when he's drunk. Mechanical Concept: Veteran Fighter/Skirmisher

  • Mael O'Donnell

    General Concept was an older grog with a breadth of skills Stats before Aging: Int -1, Per -2, Str +2, Sta +2, Pre -1 Com -2, Dex +4, Qui +2 Winter 1228: Promoted to Sergeant

  • Hainrich Sprengerort

    Hainrich is a 3 foot tall scarred German man with a 1 foot graying beard so you wouldn't think he'd likely be confused with anyone else in all of Ireland, but apparently there's another one running around and getting into trouble. His irish isn't so good …

  • Domhnall

    A Scottish ex-mercenary who decided to stay in Ireland but was more or less run out of town after getting too cozy with a local kings wife.

  • William Masree of House Ex Miscellanea

    William Masreeā€™s size, even as an infant, drew unnecessary attention. The Masraige were a Fir Bolg tribe inhabiting Magh Slecht in County Cavan, Ireland. The men and women of the clan were always thought larger than most of the nearby clans and claimed to …

  • Lassar

    Lassar was Baoth's first recruit into his pickpocketing gang. Because of her lack of depth perception she mainly acts a lookout and distraction. She is a bitter woman because of her looks she has never drawn the attention of a man interested in marrying …

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