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  • Lassar

    Lassar was Baoth's first recruit into his pickpocketing gang. Because of her lack of depth perception she mainly acts a lookout and distraction. She is a bitter woman because of her looks she has never drawn the attention of a man interested in marrying …

  • Petran

    Petran joined the pickpocketing gang a few years ago when he found out that the leathercrafting master he was apprenticed to was never going to let him go out on his own. Part of the reason he is in the gang is so that he could gather enough money to …

  • Dímmae

    Basically, lazy and worthless, and is only accepted by his family due to his handicap (from birth). Is part of the pickpocketing gang, because despite everything, he is a GREAT watchman.

  • Trian

    Trian's family is seemingly cursed, both animals and (to a lesser extent) humans to do like them. This has made it hard for them to work on farms. Trian joined the gang to improve his family's fortunes.

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